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Fast Motor Flush

Fast Motor Flush

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Hapco Fast Motor Flush removes harmful gum, sludge, varnish and carbon deposits in the upper cylinder areas, oil lines, pump screens and piston rings. Cleaning these vital areas helps prevent oil consumption, overheating, hydraulic lifter noise, poor performance and engine wear. For Best Results: Add one 16 oz. bottle of Fast Motor Flush directly to engine oil prior to scheduled oil change. Run engine for 15 minutes to ensure gum and varnish are removed. Complete oil change as normal. Use Hapco SlipCoat after every oil change for increased gas mileage and extended engine life.

  • Use to easily and thoroughly clean any engine
  • Removes moisture, sludge, gum and carbon deposits
  • Regular use ensures extended engine life
  • Guaranteed to clean lifters, valves and rings
  • Helps restore engine performance
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