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Hydraulic Oil - AW ISO 32 - 1 GAL.

Hydraulic Oil - AW ISO 32 - 1 GAL.

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Hapco Hydraulic Oil is designed to provide long lasting lubrication of hydraulic systems. It is guaranteed to help extend fluid life and maintain its fluid viscosity over a long period of time. Hapco Hydraulic Oil contains anti-foam, anti-wear lubricants that are resistant at all operating temperatures. Compatible with all standard fluids. Do not use in hydraulic brake systems or automatic transmissions. Always be sure to change fluid regularly, as manufacturer suggests. For leaks in any power assisted hydraulic systems, use Hapco Pro-Seal for a quick, permanent seal.

  • Use to help prevent rusting and corrosion
  • Compatible with all standard fluids
  • Heat stable at all operating temperatures
  • Contains anti-wear lubricants
  • Anti-Foam and wax free
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