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Slick Shift

Slick Shift

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Hapco Slick Shift - Transmission Fix eliminates slip, chatter and hesitation in all transmissions. Formulated to quickly remove sticky gum and varnish buildup on friction surfaces. The cleaning and lubricating properties of Slick Shift help restore fast, sure shifting of gears and smooth acceleration. For Best Results: Add one 16 oz. bottle of Slick Shift directly to transmission reservoir when gum/varnish buildup is suspected. (Any slippage or unusual acceleration can be a sign of minor varnish buildup.) Drive vehicle for a minimum of 30 minutes to thoroughly clean the transmission. After gum and varnish are removed and performance is restored, filter and fluid should be changed after 50 to 100 miles of driving. Compatible with all transmission fluids.

  • Use to restore smooth shifting and acceleration
  • Removes gum and varnish buildup in transmissions
  • Lubrication agent helps prevent future varnish buildup
  • Safe for all automatic and manual transmissions
  • Compatible with all transmission fluids
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